Workouts of the LAST TWO Days! 23 and 24 June 2013

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23 June 2013

1500m row

squat snatch 2×4/2×3/3×1
power clean and jerk 3×4/ 2×3
back squat 5/3/2

Gymnastics Strength
4 x (5 chin-ups+5 pullups)
4x (10 HSPU +15s handstand hold)

50 double unders
10 burpees
15 wall balls

24 June 2013

100m row

Olympic strength
back squat 4×3 @ 90%
front squat 3×5 @ 70%

Gymnastics Strength
4x (10 ring pushups+10 ring flys)
4x 3 strict pullups


30 KBS
10 burpees
20 power cleans
15 burpees
20 box jumps
15 burpees
30 KBS



Workout of the Day 21 June 2013

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A semi- smoker…probably didn’t help that I had a cigar and a few near beers last night!

1000m row

Olympic Lift
power cleans 5 @ 65lbs, 4 @ 85 lbs, 3×3 @ 115 lbs
back squat 4×3 @ 135 lbs

Gymnastics Strength
6x (10 ring dips + 15 sec hold)
4x (5 toes to bar+ 10 tuck crunch)

METCON for time
10 pushpress (65lbs)
20 wall balls (14 lb ball)
8 push press
20 wall ball
6 push press
20 wall ball
4 push press

10 min row for pace 1:45 for 400 m

work it out GIRLS IN GREEN!

Workout 19 June 2013


It’s been a while since I have posted…mostly because I have been waiting for some books to spark my imagination for a few new posts. These coming weeks I will work to post more as I have just received the book Knowing Your Value by Mika Brzezinski. In the meantime, here is today’s ass kicker!

1000m row warmup

deadlift 5×5 (95lb, 115lb, 135lb, 155lb, 175lb)

Gymnastics Strength:
3 rounds
10 ring pushups
10 inverted pullup on rings
10 ring dips

4 rounds
10 pullups
10 deadlifts (95lb)
3 rounds for time
15 burpees
400m row pace at 1:45

Reached a new benchmark! 175lbs on deadlift for 5 reps!!


Workout 28 May 2013

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Another crossfit workout:

500m row

3×4 Power Snatch 65lb
5×3 Squat Clean Jerk 65lb

10×3 Handstand Pushups
7×5 Strict Chinups with band

15 toes to bar
25 double unders
15 kettle bell swings (35lbs)
10 box jump (24″)
(14:28 minutes)


Your Mind Will Quit 100 Times Before Your Body Ever Does

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So me and Jackie did a killer workout the other day that I think everyone should try. You know we are big on circuits so grab a partner and run itself ragged!

Ropes with TRX
-one partner swings ropes for one minute while the other does TRX ab exercises for a minute, once complete both exercises move onto the next piece of the circuit.

Toe touches with burpee to barbell row
– do as many toe touches until your partner is complete with five burpee to barbell row: this exercise is a burpee with weights when you get to the ground after you do your first push-up do a triceps row on the right arm, then another push-up and a tricep row on the left hand side, jump after you get up and the do bicep curl to overhead

2min 5.0 uphill at your two mile run time and 1 min 15.0 uphill backwards at 3.3

Once you are complete with the circuit start it all the way through without rest and repeat four times.

Get it Girls in Green!

Workouts with a Partner!


So these past couple of weeks I have decided that it was more motivational to get with a workout buddy and do some functional fitness workouts.  I do not agree that the Army’s “PRT” program is helping soldiers get fit, but I do believe that functional fitness workouts are better for your overall soldier fitness.

Me and my favorite workout buddy designed the following workout. Try challenging yourself and hit the gym with a motivated chica!

There are two workouts to every set.  One partner will be doing one workout while the other is completing the first.  Then you run to the next station.  You complete all sets and then run through the whole workout 4 to five times in total.

4-5x through workouts 1-4

1.  Ropes (swing alternating or up and down) for 30 seconds while partner does plank to pushup position for 30 seconds.

2. Tire roll for ten rolls while your partner does high skips until the ten tire rolls are done.

3.  10x GI Janes (burpee pullups) while partner completes wood choppers with a medicine ball until all GI Janes are complete.

4. With one side of barbell on floor, use the other side and rotate side to side with a lunge for 10 times on each side while partner completes 50 toe touches on each foot on a box.

This exercise is a SMOKER!

Good luck Girls in Green!Image

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