Was introduced to a new website sealfit.com ….here was today’s workout!!


3x: 250m Row, 5x pullup, 5x snatch pushpress, 5x overhead squat (65lbs)


20 min AMRAP

5x Handstand pushups, 7x chest to bar pullups, 10x Barbell squat snatch (no weight)



4x: 6 backsquats (135), 12 squat jumps, 25m weighted plate carry (45lbs)



Tabata Row  20 sec on, 10 sec rest for 1000 m

3x: 15 Vsits, 10 good mornings


3x: 50 crunches, 25 in/outs, 25 toe touch, 1 min plank


I know the athlete who sacrificed his time to do this with me will probably read this…thank you for pushing me! 


GET IT! Girls in Green…