I always find it so interesting when senior leadership walk up to one of my soldiers and call them by the wrong last name….or don’t recognize them at all. To me, that slight makes myself and my soldiers very aware that our leadership either doesn’t care to get to know us or just doesn’t have time to get to know us. Both of these explanations for not knowing your subordinates are INEXCUSABLE.

Why do soldiers bees like coming to work every day? Because they like the environment that they are surrounded with and the culture their bosses have bred. I make it a point to talk personally to each of my soldiers every day. Yes, I joke with them occasionally, it adds a human perspective to their boss, but they all know when its time for business. My “serious face” is unmistakable to all of my subordinates which ensures respect up, down and sideways within my section.


The above blog post is critical for leaders to understand. It is important that officers and senior NCO’s alike make a connection with each of their soldiers. When you make a human connection with those that work for you, they feel that you care for them and are invested in their well being. You show that you are sincerely learning about them as a person rather than a subordinate and that you are not just there to evaluate their work ethic. The Military is not solely a business organization, but instead an organization which prides itself on family and teamwork. In order to build a team, you need to make interpersonal connections with every teammate, to include the team captain. You need to know your teams strengths and weaknesses and their personal struggles- this will give you key insight into their daily operating procedures and work ethic.

Girls in Green…ask yourself if you know your coworkers personally…if not, get to know them and learn to grow with them.