I always wonder whether girls intend to be rude to each other when they first meet a new female?  Today in the shower I had a rude confrontation with one of the females from the outgoing unit.  I have been thinking all morning as to whether she meant to be rude to me or whether she didn’t even realize that the way she was talking to me was rude and abrasive. 

Sometimes I truly believe that females have an uncontrollable reaction to be defensive when they meet a new female.  They immediately buck up to try to prove alpha status.  I found this very true during our relief in place with the outgoing unit.  It seems as if majority of the females (minus my counterpart who has done a fantastic job inculcating me into this culture and lifestyle) are wary of our arrival and unwilling to help us acclimate.  Is this a product of being a female in a competitive environment or do all females react this way?

I can almost compare the feeling I get here when I interact with these females as when a new female comes into your group of close friends at home.  Have you ever been in that situation where you are hanging out with your regular group of friends and one of your guy friends brings his new girlfriend around and she is rude, abrasive and unapproachable?  I definitely have been there and I almost feel that same distance during this relief in place.

Women, I have one piece of advice, there is no use in trying to prove alpha status.  The business environment we operate in would be a hell of a lot better if we all contributed to each other’s success and acted like a community rather than enemies.  Find ways to mingle with your female counterparts at work instead of push them away.  Everyone needs a hand, whether they ask for it or not.

Quit being so rude and hold hands with other GIRLS IN GREEN!