So for those of you who have never experienced the power of the app TED you really need to download it. The website lists all these inspirational talks sponsored by the TED group and they are always interesting to browse through.

After getting LASIK eye surgery I had a lot of time sitting home today to listen to some of these talks one of which I found particularly interesting. Amy Cuddy speaks on “Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are” and really delves into the psychology behind your own body language other than those those around you. Her hypothesis was this: can our own body language change how we see ourselves? And she proves her hypothesis true.


Amy shows the audience that by”faking it ’til you become it” your body language tricks your mind into adapting the image your body is portraying. She suggests that if you fake power poses like standing strong and upright in meetings or taking up space at a table, whether your personality truly is strong and domineering as you portray if you consistently fake it and force your body language to that portrayal your mind will allow your to ACTUALLY become that. She studied that those individuals standing in postures of confidence even when they don’t feel confident tended to raise their internal testosterone levels and lower their cortisol (stress) levels.

We always talk in the Army about faking it til we make it. Here Amy suggests that if we keep working on faking it we will become it and believe it. Especially as females in the Army, we have a tendency to shrink into poses that are powerless especially next to dominant males. Instead we need to work on practicing power poses especially when interacting with our male counterparts to prove our own power in the work force.

I suggest everyone watch Amy Cuddy’s video on TED she is definitely hailed by the GIRLS IN GREEN!