So me and Jackie did a killer workout the other day that I think everyone should try. You know we are big on circuits so grab a partner and run itself ragged!

Ropes with TRX
-one partner swings ropes for one minute while the other does TRX ab exercises for a minute, once complete both exercises move onto the next piece of the circuit.

Toe touches with burpee to barbell row
– do as many toe touches until your partner is complete with five burpee to barbell row: this exercise is a burpee with weights when you get to the ground after you do your first push-up do a triceps row on the right arm, then another push-up and a tricep row on the left hand side, jump after you get up and the do bicep curl to overhead

2min 5.0 uphill at your two mile run time and 1 min 15.0 uphill backwards at 3.3

Once you are complete with the circuit start it all the way through without rest and repeat four times.

Get it Girls in Green!