Recently my mom sent me a Newsweek article entitled “American Women Have it Wrong” written by former Harvard professor and President of Barnard College, Mrs. Debora Spar. The article discussed how hard it is for women to work and have a family. She hails women for being able to make sacrifices but points out that we may not be able to “have it all”: Debora writes about the “women’s problem” that still exists n the workplace and states

A problem that relates deeply and intimately to the bleak roster of numbers that tell this story….part of this intractable problem is tied to the act that women in this country are struggling far more than is necessary not only to have the ephemeral “all” but to do it all alone

She suggests that in order to try and find a balance in life, women after make sacrifices sometimes to their families and sometimes to their work. These sacrifices give Type A women the feeling like they will never be good enough. Instead of seeking help, they keep trying to go it alone.

Debora states that her solution to this issue would be for women to go back to their roots and reach out to their female counterparts.

It is time now to go back to channel the passion of our political foremothers and put it again to good use.

By this, Mrs. Spar hails that women need to start building networks and working together. She believes that two strong women with great ideas will be even stronger combining their intellect and aiding each other.

This article truly needs to be read by all working women especially those in the military. I always see women trying to make their way by taking down and taking out everyone else int heir path. Without working together, which is something the Army promotes to begin with, women will not succeed.

Unfortunately, many type A women driven to succeed feel that the only way to make it is on your own. We need to be able to push our egos aside Girls in Green and reach out to network for success. Using your female network systems will take you great places and place you where you want to be with your career.

Go Girls in Green!