So these past couple of weeks I have decided that it was more motivational to get with a workout buddy and do some functional fitness workouts.  I do not agree that the Army’s “PRT” program is helping soldiers get fit, but I do believe that functional fitness workouts are better for your overall soldier fitness.

Me and my favorite workout buddy designed the following workout. Try challenging yourself and hit the gym with a motivated chica!

There are two workouts to every set.  One partner will be doing one workout while the other is completing the first.  Then you run to the next station.  You complete all sets and then run through the whole workout 4 to five times in total.

4-5x through workouts 1-4

1.  Ropes (swing alternating or up and down) for 30 seconds while partner does plank to pushup position for 30 seconds.

2. Tire roll for ten rolls while your partner does high skips until the ten tire rolls are done.

3.  10x GI Janes (burpee pullups) while partner completes wood choppers with a medicine ball until all GI Janes are complete.

4. With one side of barbell on floor, use the other side and rotate side to side with a lunge for 10 times on each side while partner completes 50 toe touches on each foot on a box.

This exercise is a SMOKER!

Good luck Girls in Green!Image