Many leaders are often unaware that their every move and every word is marked by the soldiers that observe them and are under them.  With that in mind, all of us leaders need to be ever cognizant of how we express ourselves in daily situations.

One of the mistakes many leaders make is the way they express themselves with words in stressful situations.  As human beings, we are prone to using body language and tone of voice to express our emotions.  When leaders change their tone of voice, they are indirectly showing their subordinates their own frustration.  As a leader, you must be able to put your personal emotion in certain situations aside and remain collected in order to solve the problem with ease.  Soldiers and subordinates receive and react based on their leader’s demeanor and attitude towards whatever situation presents itself.  With that being said, I find that a marked change in a leader’s tone of voice can make small issues seem even greater making our subordinates ever more nervous about our judgement calls.

I found that the best way to alleviate a heightened tone of voice is to step away from a stressful situation.  By stepping away from your subordinates and taking a chance to breathe and clear your mind before you attack the problem, you will be able to approach the problem clear and collected.  Appearance is everything in the military: if you appear frazzled, everyone around you will be affected and respond with a sense of tension.  By collecting yourself, taking a chance to breathe, and then expressing yourself with a clear mind, you will be able to take your personal emotion out of the situation and be able to handle yourself professionally.

It is hard to say that in every situation you can put emotion aside, but it is something that we need to be conscious about on a day to day basis.  Though this may seem like a small note, it will make you an ever more effective leader.  Your subordinates will respect you more if you show patience and diligence while attacking a problem with a clear mind.

Take a breather, and then solve the problem…GET AHEAD…GO GIRLS IN GREEN!