This week, me and my fellow female Lieutenants received a huge blow from Human Resources Command…

Through their Military Personnel messages, the “Big Army” has mandated that all female Engineer Officers be pulled out of their positions as Platoon leaders and are not allowed to serve on deployment as a Platoon Leader in a Line Company.  The only exceptions would be the Area Clearance Platoon Leader, Company Executive Officer, or Company Commander.

Now, here comes the hypocrisy.  The Army claims that it is taking a step forward by admitting women to Ranger school but, it releases information like this?  I personally will be the last female Platoon leader in my Battalion to have served as a female in combat.  Who is to say that the current females aren’t more fit than I was to serve?  Why this change so late in the War on Terror?

This changes the tide dramatically for female Engineers.  My peers and I have discussed the issue extensively and find it almost demeaning.  To say that these females can serve in Platoon Leader positions in Garrison, train their Soldiers to deploy, work with them and build their moral, and then strip them of their right to lead their Platoon into combat is demeaning.  It takes away our purpose to serve in a leadership position, and hands our experience over to someone with less time in service.

This post is completely open to comments, positive or negative.  We would love to hear your view on this topic.

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