Many women in high level positions across the board struggle to balance their home life with their career. The following article is quite interesting in regards to this topic:

Anne Marie-Slaughter writes “Why Women Still Can’t Have it All” and shocked women of all backgrounds with her words. She mainly discusses the struggle to support her family and keep a commitment to her high level job and how at some point women need to make a decision: career or family. She points out that many women in higher ranking positions do not have a family honestly because they do not have the time to juggle both.

I’ve seen this issue in the Army today as well. Many female Captains and above that are successful are still single and not interested in looking, mainly because they have been married to the Army. Those few female officers that I have seen been successful in balancing their home life and their work life have found life partners that are willing to share the burden of raising a family rather than leaving most of it to the women. Most of their spouses are stronger, confident men who are willing to put aside part of their own career aspirations to support their family.

The battle to have a stable family life and reach far and beyond at work will always be a struggle for women. I myself have found it very hard not only to find a man who understands my aggressive and assertive attitude in and out of the workplace, but one who can also understand that I don’t have the given time to spend every waking moment with a man. I, like Ann, believe that it is hard to have both a successful career and a healthy family, and I honestly feel that one of those needs to be sacrificed in order to reach greatness. I do not hail either decision whether to quit work or to put your personal discretions on hold, but women in the military do need to make a decision at some point and find which is more important to them and at what time in their life. The three keys: timing, finding an equal opportunity life partner and dedication. Without these, you will not be successful in either.

Find a balance…GO GIRLS IN GREEN!