Recently Yahoo announced that their new CEO will be former “Googirl” Marissa Mayer.

Mayer at the same time is pregnant and has announced that she will take two weeks of maternity leave.  After reading this article I find that Marissa Mayer is a great role model and mentor for career oriented women.  She has the right attitude and refuses to give up her sense of self for her “geek like” job.  She is quoted as saying:

“You can be good at technology and like fashion and art. You can be good at technology and be a jock. You can be good at technology and be a mom. You can do it your way, on your terms.”

I feel like no one could have said this better.  How does this relate to being a female in the military?  I feel some women feel that they lose their sense of femininity being surrounded by men 24/7.  It is not necessary to throw away your makeup and refuse to wear rings or act like a male in order to fit in with your surroundings.  You can be a driving force and maintain your femininity as Mayer proves herself. 

Some women in the military feel that throwing away their “ladiness” will help them succeed.  I find this false.  I do wear makeup to work, I own a pink cell phone cover, I throw a little pink ribbon on my black backpack and I paint my nails BECAUSE I CAN.  No one ever said I will be a weaker leader if I don’t fit in with the guys, and I don’t see how that would hinder any military-minded female from success.  It is even more respectable to be able to maintain your female sense of self and be well-respected by your male counterparts.  In conjunction with this, Mayer is also quoted as saying:

“If you can find something that you’re really passionate about, whether you’re a man or a woman comes a lot less into play. Passion is a gender-neutralizing force.”

Well played Mayer.  Passion and drive are the root of success.  If you come to work every day with a smile on your face and a strong agenda you will succeed whether you have your hair down and in curls, or pulled back in a bun.  I come to Physical Training every morning knowing I’m not the fastest runner or the strongest soldier in my platoon of 31 men, but I also come to play hard.  I push myself and in turn push my soldiers, because I feel strongly that the better shape you are in the more likely you are to succeed in a fire fight.  I also bring that same passion to the administrative side of my job.  If I know that work will be slow before the day starts, I start to become innovative and devise a plan of action that will either create new projects for my platoon or myself. Everyone appreciates a go getter and you should never feel bad about going the extra mile…and the only way to push that extra mile is with PASSION.

Props go out to Marissa Mayer…she has strong support from GIRLS IN GREEN!