First and foremost I want to welcome you to my blog.  I have been debating for years how I want to relay my adventures as a female in the Army and share it with other strong minded females.  I finally am taking the dive and starting the dangerous adventure of starting a blog about topics and issues that regularly come up in or out of work with me and my female Armed Forces counterparts.  This blog isn’t meant to be a platform for feminist bloggers but instead a sounding board and a way for females who struggle to be the best in a male dominanted community to share their experiences and learn from each other. 

I have valued every memory, adventure and even every hardship I have had while in the military.  Every day is a new adventure and I feel as if every moment I learn and grow from my experiences.  There are some experiences, though painful, I wish I could never relive but I  have grown stronger from them.  though the hardest struggle I have had in the Army is the battle to win over my male competition.  Day by day I learn how to better interact with my male counterparts and I consistently study how to dominate my field in a predominantly male setting.  The upcoming topics discussed in this blog are not meant to bash on the male race, but instead to aid and advise strong career focused women on how to get a step ahead. 

I want to thank you for reading and welcome you to my world.  Get ahead…GO GIRLS IN GREEN!